Smart Shelf Tags are traditional retail shelf tags augmented with ELi QR Codes™. ELi QR Codes are hyper-dynamic QR codes tied to rich product and brand information to captivate and fascinate your in-store audience (shoppers).

Smart Shelf Tags:


Brands create ELi QR Codes for the items they sell. We make it easy!

"Smart Shelf Tags are currently in use by hundreds of brands at Fresh Thyme Market, several INFRA, NCG, and unaffiliated independent retailers. "

Retailers add ELi QR Codes to their existing shelf tags to create make them Smart Shelf Tags. Again, we make it easy!

Shoppers scan the Smart Shelf Tags to learn about the products that interest them. Easy!


RETAILERS, click here to learn how easy it is to add ELi Smart Shelf Tags to your store(s).  

BRANDS, the good news is you already have the content you need to create your ELi QR Codes! 
You just need to put it all in one place.  That’s where we help. 

Most ELi QR Codes are built from a combination of:

We work with 3rd party data and image providers, or you can use your own.  You can reuse your existing social media content, or you can create your own.  Our Smart Shelf Tag management console helps you pull your existing content together to create exciting and engaging ELi QR Codes and keep them current, fresh, and in front of in-store retail shoppers.  

Simply login to the Smart Shelf Tag management portal, choose from your list of authorized ELi QR Codes to create stunning results. 



RETAILERS, click here to request retailer pricing information.
BRANDS, ELi QR Codes cost only $189 each per year plus $89 per ELi QR Code setup (one time). If you need more than 50 ELi QR Codes, click here for a custom quote.  You do not pay per store, nor do you pay per retailer.  Once you pay for an ELi QR Code, it will work at all Smart Shelf Tag stores.  You can also use it yourself – place it on your sell sheets, product packaging, POP materials, print ads, and more!

Step 1

Determine how many ELi QR Codes you need.  Need help?

Step 2

Click the link below to sign up and place your order.

Step 3

After you sign up and we verify your information (3 to 5 biz days) you will receive an email with your login credentials and instructions.

Step 4

Log in and start building your customized ELi QR Codes.

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We created Smart Shelf Tags to help: