• Basic codes are FREE FOREVER yet only contain basic information about the product
  • Upgraded or “Premium” codes are described below and allow unlimited amounts of relevant content
    • There is a one time setup fee of $89.00 per SKU
    • There is an Annual fee of $189.00 per SKU
    • The annual fee will automatically renew on the anniversary date of the original purchase
        • ( Hint: $189/SKU divided by 1000 stores = 18.9 cents per store! )

There is no cost to a retailer other than the following:

  • We require the retailer to commit to putting up signage within their stores
  •  We have packages of signage from $500.00 – $1500.00 or the retailer may choose their own sources
  •  We have graphics that can be sent to the retailer at No Charge
  • We require that the retailer commit to training their staff to alert people to the program
  •  There is also an option for the retailer to join the Merryfield “Learn and Earn” program which provides a number of other benefits
  •  Contact<> for more details
  • We have made arrangements with most of the retail shelf tag printers to generate a shelf tag with the ELi code included
  • We supply a file of all upgraded ELi codes to the retailer so that when the tags for the given item are printed the ELi code will be included
  • The shelf tags are then applied as normal tags are updated
  •  Once this program gets fully rolled out we will be providing access to your scan counts and other analytics
  • Each of our current partners have requested that we hold this data until there is sufficient data to present
  • Our number of suppliers are growing literally every day.  The numbers are in the hundreds.
  • As of this writing we have approx. 100 storefronts participating
  • With the recent partnership with UNFI and their multitudes of retailers the numbers will be growing fast
  •  We have other strategic relationships being built which will bring on even more storefronts quickly
  • At $189 per year and 100 storefronts, the cost is $1.89 per year per store
  • As that becomes 1000 storefronts the cost quickly becomes  18.9 cents per storefront per year
  • This is the ABSOLUTE BEST place to market to your shoppers and tell them your story …while they are in the aisle considering your products!
  • Marketing can not get any closer to a sale than that!
  • ELi Codes are Hyper-Dynamic QR codes which can hold a wealth of information about your company or products
  •  Smart Shelf Tags are the physical shelf tags that are printed and attached to the shelves in participating retailers which have an ELi code printed on them.

Technically YES, you could use a single ELi code to simply point to your website displaying all of your products, however this would defeat the purpose which is to take a shopper directly to exactly the information they are looking for about the specific product they are considering.

Absolutely and we highly encourage that.  The best part about printing an ELi code on a product package is that if anything changes, such as company story, ingredients, certifications, etc. the information behind the code can be changed in seconds without the need to create a new code.  Thus your code is always presenting the most current and up-to-date information about your products.

No, Smart Shelf Tags will only be generated with an ELi code on them for ELi codes that have been upgraded

You will need a single ELi code for each of the products you wish to promote with a Smart Shelf Tag.  Any products that have just the basic information will not be included in the Smart Shelf Tag program so all products you wish to promote should have an ELi code.?